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Contact Centre & Help Desk

In an ever changing, fast paced business environment, it has become increasingly important to ‘work smarter’. We allow your business to be more streamlined, more efficient and ‘smarter’ through our state of the art Contact Centre and Help Desk. At Titanic Suites, we can build, manage and analyse these smart contact solutions, these are transferable across a range of sectors.

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What's included?

With a service as complex as this, we often get asked, “Where do I even start?”

Our trained team handles the set up, management and day to day recordings of calls and data - so you don’t have to.

We remove the barriers and allow your business to be fast and efficient in responding to your customer queries and service calls all whilst producing a streamlined, calm environment over the phone for your customers.

Assisted with the latest technology and staff training we ensure no customer or call is missed, creating great reviews for your business and an even better customer journey for those on the phone.

Allow us to handle your Calls and Help Desk needs, free up your staff and create a smooth customer journey for each and every call.

Outbound calling for marketing solutions

7 days a week

Customer Engagement

Surveys and customer service feedback

Large scale corporate call answering

Work requests logged

Cost saving during quiet times

Call Recording


Small to medium sized businesses

Large private and public companies

Seamless and responsive service. Thank you.

Ann McGregor, NI Chamber of Commerce