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One of the breakout searches from Google Trends in 2018 was, 'what does WFH mean?'. In fact, searches for WFH, on the whole, were up, as people deciphered the abbreviation for 'working from home.' As more people enjoy working from home, search data tells us that people are trying to master the trend.

So, is there a method to WFH successfully and can the legions of people crunching numbers, blogging or video conferencing in their pyjamas match office productivity? At Titanic suites, we believe there is value in WFH, but like anything, balance helps.

The environment

Working from home means different things to different people. How you work, learn and communicate will all play into how effective you are at home. Your home surroundings will also have a huge role to play, the wrong environment can be hugely detrimental. If your partner, housemate or family are at home, it's important you separate yourself mentally and physically. We find that while some people can succeed by adding a virtual office to their current set up, others need a more grounded approach.

Set aside space in your home, surround yourself with everything you need, be it chargers, pens, papers, everything you will need for that day. Ideally, you will be able to lay out what you need from the night before.

Time management

The romantic notion of being a 'digital nomad' is that you can work in uber-productive flurries. If however, you are working for a client, their deadline is the date that matters. The comforts of working from home can become pitfalls in time management, especially for those who are used to working in more structured environments.

Starting your day early and nailing the first hour is vital. Set out your workload first, then tackle it on a task by task basis. It's easy to get buried in emails and ignore the tiny clock on your desktop, so furnishing your desk with a clock is a good idea.

Stick to structured breaks, by the end of the day it will ensure you finish at a reasonable time. Spending breaks doing domestic chores will only serve to extend your afternoon slump and hinder focus, try taking a walk and get away from the computer. Set yourself a finish time, office workers aren't knocking off early to get ahead of their Netflix schedule, neither should you.


Today, thanks to Google Suites, Slack, Whatsapp and other collaborative tools, staying in touch with clients can be a seamless process. Despite all these great tools, there's a lot to be said for a face-to-face meeting on a monthly or quarterly basis. While you identify as a 'digital native', your client may prefer the chance to set out their vision or goals in person.

At Titanic Suites, we offer meeting rooms enabling you to host new acquaintances and clients away from your domestic setting. Wow your guests in professional surroundings and deliver a winning presentation in an environment geared towards productivity. From small meeting rooms to staffed boardrooms, our modern spaces will set the tone for a successful engagement and will help you deliver the all-important professional first impressions.

Striking the working from home balance with Titanic Suites

For the nomadic worker, having these easy to hire spaces can be a vital tool when it comes to upping your game for new clients. The flexible nature of our virtual offices and meeting room hire mean that you can continue working from home when you want, but that there is space on hand when you need it most. The virtual offices can also provide a more professional backdrop, even when you’re communicating digitally with your clients.

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