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Business Landline Numbers - Call forwarding to mobile

Now more than ever, it is important for business owners to have not only an established address but there is a growing number of new and established businesses acquiring landline numbers. Prospective clients tend to associate landline numbers as a safe and reliable contact method but also indicates an established brand.

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What is included?

Our investment into a new state-of-the-art phone system, offers you the business owner, and your staff greater freedom to pick up calls on the go, whilst maintaining privacy. Gone are the days of giving out your personal mobile number and receiving calls at the weekend.

Through our Business Landline Numbers, you can offer your customers better service and maintain better internal systems for your business. Our affordable pricing models start from just £7.50 per month.

Business landline numbers can be forwarded to your mobile, offering you the freedom to pick up calls when you are on the go, growing your business.

Uk Landline Number

Non Uk Number*

Voicemail to email*

Auto Attendant*

Ring back Music for advertising*

Sub Menu’s*

On The Go App*

Lunch, Holidays covered by our reception*

Outbound calls made from your business landline*

Business Landline Options

Business Landline Number

£7.50 per month

UK Landline number forwarded to mobile

Bespoke Package

Choose any of our features to create your own bespoke call package to suit your business

The staff and service at Titanic Suites in Belfast, Northern Ireland are truly fantastic. Could not recommend them more for any kind of business support service.

Dr Andre Alexander, Client of Titanic Suites, Belfast