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Maximise your time with our professional call management packages

Utilising Titanic Suites Call Management can enhance your business and help to cut costs. On average, dedicated receptionists deal with customers just 23% of the time they’re at work. However, you pay for 100% of their time whether they answer calls or not. So if it’s all your calls you need us to answer, or just your overflow calls we can help. This allows you to free up your time to deal with the customers or jobs you’re in the middle of.

To enable us to set up your Call Management package, please complete the following details and return this form as soon as possible.

We have a range of Call Management Packages available:

Service Pay as you go Standard Premium Premium +
Inclusive Minutes 0 25 50 100
Cost per minute thereafter 95p 90p 85p 75p
Price PCM £10.00 £25.00 £50.00 £90.00

All pricing subject to VAT. Terms and conditions apply. Note that a minimum of 3 moths package fee is due in advance, additional call costs are invoiced in arrears with 7 day payment terms.